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Additional Buckner Chiropractic Center Reviews

Buckner Chiropractic Center Reviews

Just as we are passionate about optimizing your health, our patients are passionate about sharing their stories!

Wondering if Buckner Chiropractic Center can help?

Take a look at what our patients have to say about their experiences.

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Auto Accident Recovery

What a difference treatment at Buckner Chiropractic has made! My quality of life has vastly improved. After being in a car wreck, no amount of prescription medication or physical therapy has helped anywhere near as much as treatment from Buckner Chiro has. I truly believe everyone should see a chiropractor, especially one at Buckner!

-Rachel F.

First Visit To A Chiropractor

I would like to thank you for the awesome visit during my visit to Huntsville Al. I really enjoyed my visit to your clinic. This was my first visit to a chiropractor and I must tell you that you and your staff took great care of me.

Dr. Buckner when you adjusted my spine it felt as if 20 plus years of stress was released from my body. And the full body massage was awesome. You have an awesome staff and the atmosphere in your office is very inviting and comfortable.

Thank you again and I plan to return for future visits. And, thank you for taking such good care of my best friend Diane who referred me to come and see you.

-Justine H.

Clearest Explanation

The doctor called me in the evening to check on me. I have never had a chiropractor do that before. I also received the clearest explanation of my issues that I have ever had. All of the staff is very caring and nice. I highly recommend Buckner Chiropractic!

-Lenora B.

Most Amazing Experience

Most amazing experience! Dr. Buckner is by far the best chiropractor I have ever had. His practice is clean and stylish! Friendly amazing staff! I will refer everyone I can to this practice. Even random people on the street. Will be back as often as I can!

-Stacey B.

Highly Recommend

The Buckner practice came highly recommended. I was pleasantly welcomed with such friendly and helpful staff, including Dr. Buckner. I left feeling revived and rejuvenated. I will definitely refer my friends and colleagues!

-Sheila A.

One In A Million

Dr. Buckner is the best, a one in a million Chiropractor! And his staff is wonderful! If you have visited a chiropractor before without any progress, please visit Dr. Buckner, as he is not your ‘average’ chiropractor.

Being cautious and analytical, I initially hesitated to see a chiropractor. However, two years ago, I was receiving epidural cortisone injections every 3 months just to function with a bad back and neck/shoulder pain. I had tried everything, and then I visited Dr. Buckner to “try” *new* chiropractic care as a last resort.

Dr. Buckner should have been my FIRST choice and line of care! With Dr. Buckner’s vast experience and healing touch, I no longer have to get the epidural injections. Through regular care with Dr. Buckner, I am essentially pain free today, and life is back to normal! I can’t thank Dr. Buckner enough!

In confirmation of how excellent Dr. Buckner is, I recently contracted the Chikungunya virus, leaving me with very painful inflammation of the joints. Dr. Buckner is phenomenal in how he adjusted and worked the pain and inflammation away ..again, bringing my life back to normal daily function! Thank you Dr. Buckner!

-Jeanette S.

First Time Visiting a Chiropractor – Awesome Experience!

I really appreciated the thoroughness of everyone I encountered. Dr. Buckner and the remainder of the staff make sure that you are well informed and comfortable. This was my first experience with a chiropractor and well worth the visit. The massage I received was also one of the best I’ve ever had, Tiffany is amazing! Awesome experience!

-Alshia W.

Massage Helped My Posture

I only come in for massage therapy every two weeks. My husband can always tell when I have had a massage because he says that I look so relaxed. It has also helped my posture because I have learned to relax my shoulders.

-Rhonda L.

Amazing Staff & Knowledgable Doctor

I’ve not been but to one chiropractic office yet the Buckner office exceeds not only that office, but many offices of any realm in which I’ve been. The attention and hospitality of the staff is sincere and genuine. As well, Dr. Buckner has my full confidence in his knowledge, capabilities and practices. I am enthusiastic about my first-time experience and all future experiences. Thank you all!

-Jennifer K.

Very helpful staff and insightful consultation

Very helpful staff and insightful consultation. I felt like it was a realistic view of my problems and nothing seemed gratuitous interpretations of the x-rays. I was walking so tall when I left that afternoon! Also, Jennifer was a professional! I felt safe, and was able to relax for my massage.

-Stephanie W.

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